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Come on, Express Yourself

Apr 05, 2011 06:40PM ● By Leslie Bishop

Expressing yourself means to freely communicate what you are feeling on the inside. It means being able to share thoughts openly with those around you. To articulate and state a point of view, a way of thinking regardless of what others may think. It means being able to take an inner feeling and put it into words, get it across and share its energy.

It is beneficial to express yourself when you feel good and even when you feel bad. When a thought feels good, the positive energy of that thought can have a significant effect on those around you. Notice when you express thoughts of joy, passion, appreciation and love. Watch others around you begin to feel uplifted and encouraged. Notice when you hold on to a thought that feels good and keep it to yourself, the positive essence of that thought can keep you feeling disconnected, separate and at times cut off from your own energy.

Holding onto thoughts that don’t feel good can cause the conflicting energy to stay inside. It feels much better to let go, verbalize and express what you are feeling. Expressing yourself helps release any resistance you may be holding onto by keeping it all in. It is freeing, liberating and connects one back to their own powerful energy.

Another meaning of expressing oneself is through creative expression. Creative expression is when feeling moved or inspired to act or to do something. It is a feeling of excitement and passion arising in your being, in the soul and the only way to unleash it is through expressing it physically. This could be through music, dance, art, writing, painting, or singing. The energy that exists in creative expression is powerful. It fuels and encourages imagination, talent, skills, gifts and capabilities to become manifest in the world of physicality.

The benefits of expressing yourself on a daily basis can improve your health and well being because in your expressing you allow energy to flow more freely.

Leslie Bishop, of Empowering Pathways, Universal Laws Life Coaching, is a Certified Empowerment Coach and author of "Congratulations, You Have Cancer!" Leslie will be holding a "Feeling Good, The Secret to Creating Your Desires," evening seminar Wednesday October 22 from 6-7:30pm at Treasure Coast Integrative Therapies, 1360 U.S.1. Suite 5 in Vero Beach. Cost is $15 at door. For reservations call 772-569-7770. For information email [email protected] or visit

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