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Balance Your Brain, Restore Your Memory

Apr 05, 2011 06:36PM

Is there any system that functions at its peak without being balanced and harmonized? This is especially true for the human brain. With today’s technology using such instruments as EEG, MRI, PET Scans and others, it is rather simple to map brain waves determining where in the brain imbalances reside. Imbalances indicate a whole range of psychological and physiological conditions such as depression, anxiety, lack of focus, learning disabilities, even eating disorders.

So, how does a brain become imbalanced? Trauma, either physical or emotional, is the real culprit. Recent studies suggest that upon having a concussion, the brain is jarred in a way that some Neuro-nets, those brain cells responsible for carrying electrical impulses throughout the brain, are severed. The result may extend anywhere from memory loss, a deficit in attention, to the loss of motor skills in later life.

One solution is to maintain balance and harmony in the brain. Meditation, yoga and breathing techniques are some ways to maintain a balanced brain. In addition, the use of Brain State Training or nuerofeedback can actually grow new neuro-nets to replace damaged ones. The whole process occurs while balancing and harmonizing brain waves in real-time while viewed on a computer screen.

For more information contact Brain Fitness at 321-591-6216 in Melbourne.

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