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Women’s Intuition: It’s not just for women anymore.

Apr 05, 2011 01:16AM ● By Lisa Mahoney

Women have been both scoffed and credited for intuition because of their monthly cycles. This cycle keeps them connected to the moon, nature, and reproduction. But what about men, can they tap into intuition? Men are just as intuitive as women, they just use it differently.

Intuition is a survival instinct inherent in every living being. It is our sixth sense. Some people are born more intuitive than others and families can share a strong awareness throughout generations. Our thoughts are energy and are connected to the mind. Our feelings are connected to our nervous system. Our breath is connected to spirit. This is the body, mind, spirit connection and this is how intuition is developed. Learning how your intuition speaks to you is the key to developing it and creating personal miracles.

When you have an instinctual thought to tap on the brake pedal prior to the car ahead of you spinning out of control, or knowing who is on the other end of a ringing telephone or the thought of someone, only to run into that person – this is your intuition. Intuition is an invisible muscle, the more you work it the more developed it becomes.

Men comfortably use their intuition in business, but it is cloaked in different names such as evaluation or assessment. Another form of intuition is first impressions. These are often colored by perceptions and assumptions both accurate and inaccurate. Successful business owners know this and are typically highly intuitive. As men accept their perceptions, they become more accurate in their intuition and it develops. As more mothers raise their children, regardless of gender, to be more conscious, aware, sensitive, and compassionate, this will raise the level of intuition out of the hushed states of confusion. It is not a scary thing; it is our inherent gift from God. It is okay and timely to awaken the sleeper within.

Lisa Mahoney is a published writer and columnist, has developed a body-mind-spirit television show, and has worked with Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and other pioneers in the field. She works with all situations with accuracy and compassion. For more information call 772-562-9592, 772-559-7241, or web site at

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