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Apr 05, 2011 01:26AM ● By Doreen DeSerres

Flowers hold much beauty. To look at, to smell, to draw, to receive and even sometimes to eat are experiences we appreciate. Yet to smell the essence of real flowers grown in nature is a joy unique to each individual. We actually smell things a wee bit different from each other. Our olfactory system has a unique connection to our brain, which is truly our own. Each individual may certainly experience certain common traits, yet our sense of smell our taste buds and our minds will vary in their perception.

The wholistic traits of flowers hold many similarities which can enhance wellness. The individual experience and response of each person will vary depending on how well the odiferous matter is delivered to their brain. Certain essential oils derived from pure botanicals will be euphoric; such as jasmine and ylang ylang. It is scientifically recorded that these essential oils affect the function of the brain to produce enkephalines; these are known to lift the spirit and also act as aphrodisiacs that reduce inhibitions. This will allow creative expression to reign in the mind, spirit and actions of the body.

Flowers affect the mind in a variety of ways. One will choose a flower that smells pleasing for relaxation and peacefulness. To employ the many beneficial healing traits of these pure botanicals it is useful to read about the qualities. Yet to experience real aromatherapy, the scent of each pure plant will speak in volumes to the spirit within. These are the essential oils that connect on a deep cellular level and hold powers unseen, yet felt.

Flowers also contain traits of chemistry that remain constant. For example, lavender will heal a burn and quickly replace cells no matter how you feel about its smell.

Doreen DeSerres is the owner of Nature’s Haven located at 602 Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Village. Doreen began her own product line, Nature’s Spirit, on Earth Day 20 years ago. These products have always been only the highest quality essential oils that she can find and all of the blends are her own creations. For more information call 321-632-1211 or visit