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Do You Have Focus?

Apr 05, 2011 01:54AM ● By Jeff Reich

Focus is defined as the ability to pay attention to a subject or a task free from distraction. Man evolved into the present form about 60,000 years ago. However, only since the beginning of the 1900’s have humans been losing their ability to focus as demonstrated by the epidemic proportions of ADD in society.

Since the 1900’s we have encountered radio, the telephone, television, the automobile, air conditioning, computers and the internet which have helped to increase the amount of distraction and input to the brain 10,000 fold. Quite simply, people tune out because their brains have not yet evolved to deal with this massive amount of input. With the use of Brain State Conditioning it is easy to quantitatively analyze and visualize ones inability to focus. There are answers however. Simply, by training the mind to align intention and brain waves through the use of meditation, yoga, deep breathing, practicing meta-cognitive skills or NeuroFeedback, greater focus can be achieved.

For more information, contact Jeff Reich or Marilyn Cobb at Brain Fitness, 321-591-6216.