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Move Your Chi

Apr 04, 2011 06:43PM ● By Kasey Knight

Dance is fun, social, energizing and relaxing. But did you know that it’s healthy as well?

Whether you mambo, waltz, jitterbug, or contra dance, movement can help you stay fit, lift your mood and get your heart pumping.

In today’s society, people sit at desks and on couches for hours a day and we’ve become very brain-oriented. Dance bridges the gap between the brain and the body so that you tap into your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental being. This movement activates the "chi" energy in your body and releases endorphins, which act as a mood enhancer.

Some of the physical benefits of dance include:

  • Increases range of motion and flexibility
  • Lubricates connective tissue and joints
  • Stretches and strengthens muscles. Some you didn’t know you had!
  • Improves circulation throughout the body and brain
  • Works the cardiovascular system
  • Burns calories
  • Another advantage of dance is that it can help you feel more self-assured. When you’re dancing for enjoyment, you shed inhibitions and gain self-confidence in your body. This self-confidence can carry over to other parts of your life, whether it be at home, school or at work. It can apply to giving a speech, presenting a project or organizing a family outing. Self-confidence helps us feel more grounded and in control.

Dance can also serve as a form of self expression. It frees you to fluidly create new movements that you never thought of before. InterPlay®, created by Cynthia Winton Henry and Phil Porter over a 25-year period, blends the arts – movement, voice and story -- and the human experience. It offers just enough form to allow for maximum freedom of expression. InterPlay® is fun, community, and affirmation based. It’s open to anyone willing to explore the possibilities that life has to offer.

For more information, contact Kasey Knight at 3212-254-2541. Kasey is a certified InterPlay® instructor and local performer who delights in creating in the moment with others.