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Pineapple Power

Apr 04, 2011 06:27PM ● By Dr. Hsui S. Chen

Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. It is also a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, copper and dietary fiber. But did you know pineapple can reduce pain and increase pregnancy?

According to Asian studies, the juice from pineapple skin can be used for neuralgia conditions, such as a toothache, by drinking it little by little until the pain has reduced or disappears.

Pineapple skin juice also works wonders for women who want to increase their axilla temperature, which is measured under the armpit. The juice from pineapple skin can be used in combination with Chinese herbs to increase the likelihood for pregnancy to occur. Consult a Doctor of Oriental Medicine for your recommendation.


When you eat your pineapple do not throw away the skin. Cut 1 inch thick, put skins of 2-3 pineapples in the freezer until you need it.

When ready to use, cut pineapple skin into 1 inch squares. Put in a half-gallon of water and bring to boil. Then lower the heat and cook for 3 hours. Strain and cool. When cool place it in the refrigerator for use.

Dr. Hsui S. Chen is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician. Her practice, The Golden Needle Doctor, is located at 207 Eldron Blvd SE in Palm Bay. For more information call 321-951-3764.