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Get the Urge to Purge

Apr 04, 2011 06:21PM ● By Kandi Phillips

Getting organized is one of the top 5 New Year’s resolutions. If you haven’t started taking control of the clutter yet this year then maybe you don’t know where to start. Start by breaking down your organizing efforts into areas such as a closet, cabinet or drawer, to make the task easier to manage. Then place yourself in the purge mindset. Commit to purge what has not been used in the past year, does not serve your current needs, or is broken. Use meditation to help; visualize yourself working through the space.

There are many books about getting organized, but reading about organizing and actually organizing are two different actions. Jumping in and doing the job can be more satisfying. However, many people get overwhelmed with just the thought of working through the space and the clutter, especially when it is another project to add to that never ending to do list.

Consider hiring a professional organizer. These professionals will map out a plan of action that is tailor made for your needs and work with you. Think of it as mapping out a road trip bringing you decreased stress and peace of mind knowing where you’re headed. Plus, organizers will be honest with you about your clutter. Professional organizers typically love mapping out a plan of action and organizing spaces to bring balance back into others lives.

What can you expect after Organizing?

· You will know exactly what you have.

· Your space will hold only those things that you love and use.

· Everything will be where you need it.

· The right containers mean stuff will have a home.

· Your life will be free of blockage and free to flow with positive energy.

· You will feel free, energized, and amazingly abundant.

· Decreased stress.

· Increased creativity, productivity, time management, clarity and vision.

Organizing will awaken your space and the lives of those within your home or office. Take control of the chaos and learn how to use your space to support your own life's endeavors.

Kandi Phillips is a certified Decorator, Organizer, and Feng Shui consultant. She is the owner of Awaken Your Space, LLC and available for consultations in Indian River, Brevard, and St Lucie Counties. For more information and consultation call 772-299-0705 or visit Awaken Your Space is offering 50% off Organizing Services to Natural Awakenings readers for the month of February.