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Eating is Just a Habit

Apr 04, 2011 06:23PM ● By Dr. Kathy Doner

Our eating habits were taught to us by our parents including the quantity of food we eat and quality of food we choose. These lessons were reinforced or changed over the years by friends, family, advertising, grocery stores and restaurants. About two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight, and almost one-third are obese, according to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The consequences of being overweight such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, and some forms of cancer, make being overweight a virtual epidemic.

The good news is that eating is a habit and we can change habits one by one. Start by pinpointing behaviors that contribute to weight gain. These behaviors vary and are different for everyone. For some the problem habit is eating sweets, for others it may be eating fats. Additional contributing behaviors may be the quantity of food eaten or unhealthy restaurant choices. Overeating may be a result of stress or depression which can bring emotional eating. Compounding the problem is sedentary lifestyles; very few of us move our bodies as we would have fifty years ago.

Research shows that diets often don’t work but that hypnotherapy can help change unhealthy habits. Over the last five years it has been documented that over 95% of the participants of the "Weight Loss with Hypnosis: Using Your Mind for a Change" workshops at Sebastian River Medical Center are successful in changing problem habits and installing positive ones.

The group support in a workshop setting is very helpful, as are ongoing weight loss or exercise groups. However, you can tackle the habits yourself, one by one. It just takes:

  • Knowing why a healthy weight is important to you (motivation)
  • Knowing the habits that put on the weight (honesty)
  • Planning realistically to change one habit at a time (determination, self-hypnosis)
  • And giving yourself positive feedback for the effort (self-appreciation)

Kathy Doner, MD, is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Nutritionist, and Certified Hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience. Kathy Doner, MD, Hypnotherapy is located at 529 E. New Haven Ave in Melbourne (321-258-9698) and 7766 Bay St, Ste. 11 in Sebastian (772-581-0221). Dr. Doner will be offering weight loss workshops beginning February 6 and March 10. The Emotional Freedom Technique for controlling cravings and stress workshop is March 5. Call to register or visit You can evaluate your habits at loss.