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Is Something Bugging You?

Apr 04, 2011 12:28PM ● By Ed Kornfeld

Insects are perfect…they always do their job, exceptionally well. They pollinate plants and recycle waste. By managing life and death, they are the true caretakers of the natural world. In fact bugs are essential to life on earth. They dominate our planet. In only one square mile there can be more insects than there are people in the entire world. However, they do not have to be allowed to set up residence in our homes. After all, they don’t pay us rent!

Within the entire animal kingdom, which one is responsible for killing more humans than any other? It is the tiny mosquito. Certain bugs carry disease and some species may cause damage in one form or another. A roach, more nicely referred to as a palmetto bug, could have been in the sewer before being observed scurrying across the kitchen counter near the sink. All bugs once they infest our home are considered pests; Contaminating our food, eating our house, or simply reproducing within the walls to the point we aren’t able put down a drink without attracting ants.

Here are a few easy to do tips that will make your home less susceptible to these unwanted tenants.

Don’t leave your garbage cans right next to the perimeter or near a door to your home. This may facilitate throwing out the garbage bags, but if any bugs find something appealing for dinner, potentially makes it easier for foraging insects to find cracks and crevices into your house.

Keep trash containers clean both inside and out. Keep full trash bags tied securely and placed in outdoor storage areas, but not right next to the exterior wall of your house.

When placing empty containers in the recycle bins take a moment to rinse the can or bottle. All it takes is a little soda residue in a can to attract bugs. Keep the bins clean too.

Replace exterior white light bulbs with yellow bulbs. The yellow light spectrum is less conducive to attracting bugs to your house.

Edward Kornfeld is an entomologist, state certified pest control operator and owner of Nature’s Best Pest Detection & Elimination, Inc. For more information call 321-693-4100 or email [email protected]