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December 2009

Bring on the Beat!
Workout music pumps up motivation, while building fitness. Music is, indeed, the magic that can boost our heart rate, energy levels and mood—it’s a perfect workout buddy. Read more…

Set New Year’s IntentionsOn the eve of 2010, thousands of individuals throughout the world are set to write their New Year’s intentions using Tony Burroughs’ simple and effective methods for putting the laws of manifestation to work. Read more…

A Conversation with Peter Rodger
Filmmaker, Author, and Spiritual Seeker
Frustrated with religious turmoil, fanaticism and fundamentalism, filmmaker Peter Rodger set out on a global quest to understand why the concept of God has become so politicized. Read more…

October 2009

Teens turning Green
For years, Natalie Whalen stuck to one brand of eyeliner to accent her big brown eyes. Until, that is, she found out that it contains formaldehyde, the same chemical she used in high school biology class to dissect frogs. Read more…

Eco-Friendly Aquariums
The ideal eco-aquarium, balanced and self-contained, is a cherished concept of hobbyists. But research shows that energy usage for a typical home aquarium can vary widely, depending on the setup. Read more…

Herbs enhance Healthy Breast Tissue
Using herbs for breast health and enhancement is nothing new. Their healing and mastogenic effects (the enlargement and growth of healthy breast tissue), have been recognized by various cultures throughout the world. Read more...

September 2009

Children’s Intuition
A Special Key to Success in Life
A child’s intuition, or sixth sense, may be more important in the life of a child than many people realize. Intuition helps alert kids to danger, provides guidance in decision making and helps in problem solving. Read more…

Stylin Pooches
Eco-Pet Fashions Take Center Stage
Today’s pampered pooches are stepping out in style.From apparel bejeweled in Swarovski crystals to sporty camouflaged fleeced hoodies, members of the canine crowd “dressed to the nines” strutted their stuff on runways last month during Manhattan’s fourth annual Pet Fashion Week. Read more…

The Next Big Leap
Moving On to Ultimate Success
Here’s a key to vanquishing that one problem that’s keeping us from ultimate success in love, financial abundance and creativity. Read more...

August 2009

School Lunch Programs
A Prime Opportunity to Serve Up Improvements
Our education system has traditionally held that reading, math, science and English classes form basic building blocks for success. But what lessons are our children learning daily in their school cafeteria?
Read more…

Polite Leash Walking
Are you walking your dog, or is your dog walking you? A dog pulling on a leash is a common, but curable problem. You can teach your dog how to walk politely
on a leash, using firm, positive approaches.
Read more…

Chi Walking Daily Steps to Focus, Strengthen and Energize

Earlier generations recognized the amazing effects that walking has on health. G. M. Trevelyan,a noted English historian, wrote in the 1920s: “I have two doctors. My left leg and my right.” Read more…

July 2009

A Good Deed that Heals
Forgiveness, the antidote to taking offense, isn’t easy; self-sacrifice is involved. But it carries a lighter price tag than nursing a feud or holding a grudge. Not forgiving gives another person power over us. Forgiveness sets us free of imprisoning bitterness, anger, revenge and resentment and allows us to find a new way to think of the "wrongdoer."Read More...

A Conversation with Loretta LaRoche

Author, Stress Management Consultant and Humorist
Loretta LaRoche, author, speaker and corporate stress management consultant, was the winner of the 2007 National Humor Treasure award. Her seven books reflect the lighter side of her life philosophy. This month, Lighten Up! joins her title hit parade that includes Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal and Life Is Short – Wear Your Party Pants.

Connecting Kids to Community
This September, before scheduling after-school soccer practice or cheerleading, why not consider committing to a different kind of extracurricular activity: community outreach. Every community has specific needs, and stepping in to help fill those needs as a family brings extended benefits. From strengthening family bonds and making memories to being a role model for friends and neighbors, connecting kids with their own community proves a winning combination.