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Korean Hand Therapy

Apr 04, 2011 02:42PM ● By Adam Tritt

Korean Hand Therapy (Koryo Soojichim/KHT) is a Korean form of acupuncture and massage for bringing the body to balance and wellness through your hands. By stimulating specific points on the hands, you can resolve pain and balance internal organ function.

KHT is a micro-acupuncture and reflex system located on both hands. You could think of the hands being a micro-universe of the entire body. The hands have an entire, but smaller, system of meridians that correspond to the body’s meridian system. It is a very simple and extremely effective method of treatment for both internal and external conditions. Through the hands the therapist can access information about the condition of your whole body and create a treatment plan to alleviate pain, calm ills and prevent disease.

Koryo hand and body therapy, like other forms of Oriental Medicine, is a balanced approach that provides relief from symptoms and treats the underlying causes. The stimulation of points may be done in a number of ways. The treatment strategy might be as simple as massaging a tender point on the hand. This may be followed by stimulation by heat (moxa) or stimulation with a small electrical probe. An acupuncturist might use miniature hand needles. The patient is often sent home with small pellets, on a small adhesive, pressing on the points to continue stimulation. The effects continue to build over the next day.

It is not uncommon for patients to be seen three times a week during the beginning stages of treatment for quick, fifteen minute or half hour treatments. This can be accomplished because treatment can take place nearly anywhere and takes less time than traditional acupuncture. Also, self-treatment is effective and easily taught, especially with small pellets on the points which the patient can simply press from time to time throughout the day.

Further, since it does not require much time or specialized equipment, KHT can be done at a lower cost than many other treatments, thus affording patients with limited incomes the ability to seek treatment with the frequency appropriate for lasting results.

KHT is so effective that the South Korean government has trained thousands of its citizens in KHT so villages and city neighborhoods all have practitioners for primary healthcare. Used to treat the minor ailments of their families and neighbors, the KHT citizen practitioner program has increased the health of the country. It has also decreased the need for expensive and time consuming office visits to MDs for problems by preventing or resolving problems before they get serious.

KHT can be used to treat almost every kind of physical problem as well as to maintain health, It can be combined with other forms of healthcare including traditional acupuncture, Western Medicine, herbology, chiropractic, osteopathy and massage therapy. Many practitioners will incorporate medical chi gung or Reiki into the process of working on the hands with Korean Hand Therapy.

Adam Tritt is a poet, an essayist, a screenwriter, a teacher, a shaman, a social activist, and humorist. He and his wife, Lee Tritt, OMD, are co-owners of The Wellness Center in Palm Bay where he practices Integrated Therapeutic Massage. For more information, call 321-676-3383.

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