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Half Moon Yoga Pose- Bending with Life

Apr 04, 2011 02:51PM ● By Linda Morse

The yoga posture, Half Moon, allows for an opening of the ribs as the torso twists laterally. This movement is one of three pairs of ways to move the spine, but one which we do not ordinarily perform in our daily life. We practice this to learn to bend with what life presents to us, building our internal strength and flexibility.

This pose increases flexibility of the spine, strengthens and tones muscles in the central part of the body especially abdomen. It improves circulation and respiration, with fuller breathing in the lungs.


  • From basic standing with feet hip width apart, draw the arms overhead or to any modification of comfort, so that they frame the head, side to side and front to back.
  • Lengthen through the torso and take the upper body in a side lateral bend. Keep a flat plane in front and behind. Lower rib area lengthens and stays upright. Keep the arch in the upper ribs, raising the ribcage toward the ceiling. The sense is as if you were rising up and over a beach ball to your side.
  • Weight is distributed equally on both feet. If the depth of the posture brings the torso off balance, shift the hips to the opposite side to stay balanced.
  • Stay several breaths to awaken inner awareness. Repeat on the other side, and learn that you can bend and recover from whatever life presents to you.

Linda M. Morse, yoga teacher whose experience includes Director of the recently closed Yoga Center. She is offering a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training program and has four DVDs now available: BEAM Yoga® - Power Practice, Moderate Practice, Gentle Practice, and Mindfulness Meditation. For more information, visit

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