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Practical Tips for Managing Stress

Apr 01, 2011 01:29AM

While positive stress challenges us for better performance, negative stress and pressure accumulated for too long threaten our capacities to perform and to be happy. 60-90% of health related consultations are directly or indirectly influenced by stress levels.

Stress is an individual response to a stimulus. It reflects our capacity to adapt to change. While the stress reactions of "fight or flight" used to be triggered by a real danger (such as a tiger), the problem today is that they manifest even when there is no immediate threat for survival.

It is much easier to fend off stress before it becomes unmanageable. It is like filling the gas tank before running on empty. To get started, try and pick 2 or 3 practices below that appeal to you the most.

1.Do one thing at a time, giving it 100% of your attention. Studies show that multiprocessing decreases brain performance and increase stress.

2.Do at least one thing for yourself everyday. Make a list of 10 things that recharge you and pick from it regularly.

3.Take a few full slow deep breaths regularly throughout the day: on the inhalation, fill the abdomen first (abdomen goes out) then the rib cage, then the upper chest; on the exhalation, empty the lungs in the reverse order: empty the upper chest first then the rib cage and then pull the abdomen in to empty completely. You can associate these deep breaths with a particular trigger, for example take a complete slow breath every time the phone rings.

4.Take a short break every 1-2 hours: it can be as simple as drinking a glass of water with mindfulness; or walking slowly down the hall feeling the contacts of your feet on the floor at every step; or looking at nature.

5.Each day, stay 2 minutes with your eyes closed without doing anything: It requires courage but it pays off.

For the Anti-Stress Yoga workshop on May 9th, 1-5pm, please call 321 431 5054 or email [email protected] . Dr. Anne-Marie Derouault has been practicing Yoga for 25 years and is certified in Kripalu Yoga and Amrit Yoga ™. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology and a PhD in Linguistics. Her company, Emergence Resources offers personal life coaching, yoga, reiki, and raw food education internationally.

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