Drs. Chris Edwards and Rob Brown of the Smile Design and Wellness Center in Viera will be attending the 3rd Annual Frontiers in Ozone Conference in Santa Barbara, California. There will be speakers from Brazil, Asia, Dubai, many European countries and experts from all over North America. Both medical and dental ozone and even veterinary and cosmetic ozone will be covered.

Ozone is a form of oxygen with three atoms, sometimes known as O3. It is a gas that has powerful effects on killing not only bacteria but viruses and funguses. It also has biologic effects that are similar to stem cells to enhance the body’s own ability to heal. There are many uses in dentistry and Ozone has been used for almost ten years at the Smile Design and Wellness Center. The use of infusing water with Ozone gas adds Ozone to the water and offers another way to deliver ozone, there are many benefits to ozonated water that will be covered at the conference. Drs. Brown and Edwards use ozonated water clinically in their practice on every patient.

For more information call 321-751-7775 or visit their website at SmileDesignCenter.us

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