Calming the Mind Meditation Weekend in Stuart

Tergar Stuart, a meditation community, will host a Calming the Mind Meditation Weekend with Tergar Facilitator George Hughes on October 6 and 7.

In this weekend meditation workshop participants will learn how cultivating awareness can help create a peaceful mind and joyful heart. Tergar Facilitator George Hughes will lead the program, teaching participants how the practice of meditation can transform all experiences, even difficult emotions and painful thoughts, into sources of joy. The course will explore the landscape of experience with mindful awareness, and teach attendees how to use the body, sensory experiences, thoughts, emotions, and even awareness as supports for meditation.

This is an entry program to Tibetan meditation master and best-selling author Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s teachings. It offers step-by-step instructions that will benefit those new to meditation and inspire those who have an existing practice. It is suitable for people of all faiths, as well as both beginning and experienced meditators. The schedule for this weekend workshop includes video teachings by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, presentations on the key points of meditation practice as well as guided meditations and discussion.

The weekend will be held at the Wicina Family Center at the YMCA of the Treasure Coast at 1700 Monterey Rd., Stuart. To register, visit and click on the events tab. Questions can be emailed to

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