Essential Oils and Women’s Health Workshops in Palm Bay and Ft Pierce

Alisha Connor and Nancy Smith, doTerra representatives, will be holding four workshops in May on issues regarding women’s health and natural solutions using essential oils.

Alisha Conner shares that adrenal fatigue and cancer are in the top five of all health issues that women commonly seek natural solutions for, so they will focus on those issues at the workshops.

“Cortisol is one of the hormones that the adrenals release during stressful situations and if fatigued may show symptoms such as anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, weight gain in the mid-section, depression, lightheadedness, irritability, hair loss, low libido and cravings of salty or sweet foods,” says Connor. “I have found two simple essential oils that can support your adrenals and put you back on track.” According to Conner, Dr. Mahmoud Suhail has used Frankincense essential oil from the Boswellia tree in a case of breast cancer. He notes that it is important to rely on biomarkers, imaging and biochemical analysis as well.

Workshops will be held May 12 and 19 at Pelican Harbour Marina, 4220 Dixie Hwy NE, Palm Bay and May 20 and May 24 in Ft Pierce. To reserve your seat, call Alisha Connor at 321-426-5392.

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