Jennifer Lyn Nafe, A.P.

Specializing in Gynecology, Fertility, and Pregnancy Issues

Jade Palms Health and Healing Center, PA


Jennifer Lyn Nafe, A.P. is a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician and Acupuncture therapist specializing in women’s health, gynecology, fertility, and pregnancy issues. She is the founder and owner of Jade Palms Health and Healing Center in Indian Harbour Beach. As a nationally board certified physician, Nafe utilizes the 3,000-year-old comprehensive healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help patients bolster fertility, sustain healthy pregnancies and cultivate improved overall health and well-being.

“Acupuncture can dramatically improve your chances of conception,” says Nafe. “Acupuncture helps improve fertility, increases IVF success, and helps sustain a healthy pregnancy.” Nafe works with her patients to determine a personalized plan. She can work to enhance your Western infertility treatments or customize a comprehensive fertility plan.

Nafe provides couples with simple steps and tools they can implement immediately to reduce conception stress in order to bring the body back into balance so that it is ready to conceive. She offers nutritional and herbal therapies, exercise choices, massage and acupressure techniques, and lifestyle changes.

Nafe, a Florida native, completed her Master’s Degree at the National College of Oriental Medicine in Orlando, FL. Besides her Master’s in Oriental Medicine, she holds a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor of Health Studies from Northern Arizona University.

In addition to an extensive clinical internship at American College of Oriental Medicine in San Francisco, CA and at NCOM, Nafe also interned in Sports Medicine, Massage Therapy, and Herbal and Nutritional Studies. “I believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms,” says Nafe.

Jade Palms Health and Healing
Center, PA
Jennifer Lyn Nafe, A.P.
1413 S. Patrick Drive, Suite 4
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

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