Complementary and Alternative Cancer Treatment Available

Dr. Daniel Thomas, DO, MS, specializes in the complementary and alternative treatment of advanced cancer. Located in Mount Dora, Florida, Dr. Thomas has helped people throughout the United States and Canada prevent and overcome serious disease, improve their health, slow aging, and increase their lifespan. As an active translational researcher, Dr. Thomas has spent over 35,000 hours poring over the latest scientific information and translating that information into promising new medical therapies.

Due to his credentials in integrative cancer therapy and over 30 years of clinical experience in metabolic and nutritional medicine, Dr. Thomas was invited to join CareOncology group—an elite group of Ph.D. scientists and world-class physicians dedicated to developing novel ways to metabolically inhibit cancer by depriving it of the nutrients it needs to grow and spread.

“We help cancer patients from all over North America and are committed to providing innovative solutions,” says Dr. Thomas.

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