Space Coast Thermography

Kristen Barry, Ph.D., CTT

7125 Turner Rd, Suite 101, Rockledge/Suntree

321-574-9014 -

Utilizing the highest resolution thermal camera available in Brevard County, Space Coast Thermography provides radiation-free and non-invasive Breast Screenings to help detect the early warning signs associated with breast cancer several years before other imaging procedures. We also offer comprehensive Women’s And Men’s Health Studies, and grant funding is available.

Wellness services offered: Breast Screenings (includes information on breast, thyroid, lymphatic congestion, and hormone imbalances), Women’s and Men’s Health Studies (includes abdomen, breast/chest, neck/thyroid, face, and back), and Full Body Studies (includes Health Study images plus extremities).

Areas of specialty: Space Coast Thermography specializes in Breast Screenings and Women’s/Men’s Health Studies. Thermography can detect changes within the breast, hormonal imbalances, lymphatic congestion, thyroid issues, dental pathologies, TMJ, the source of headaches, back/neck issues, abdominal/intestinal issues, and more.

Philosophy of healing: “At Space Coast Thermography we follow strict patient and environmental protocols to ensure the highest quality images,” says Dr. Kristen Barry. “Thermography can help patients identify risk markers in the breast and/or inflammation within the body thus enabling them to address issues early and be proactive in improving their health.”

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