Smile Design and Wellness Center

Dr. Chris Edwards

Dr. Rob Brown

Dr. Haley Freymiller

5445 Village Drive, Viera

321-751-7775 - SmileDesignCenter.US

From safe mercury removal to the biological extraction where the patient’s own stem cells enhance healing, the team at Smile Design and Wellness Center (SDWC) treats patients in a caring way. “Our inviting office and the extensive array of technology enable us to deliver innovative comprehensive dentistry for the whole family,” says Dr. Edwards.

Wellness services offered: Offering a full spectrum of dental services, with an emphasis on prevention. SDWC has technologies like Cerec, lasers, microscopes, 3D X-ray, ozone therapies and minimally invasive techniques. They do safe mercury removal.

Areas of specialty: Biological dentistry where they partner with patients and their health specialists to achieve optimal oral and systemic health. Minimally invasive dentistry with safe mercury removal and safe dental materials. They also do Smile Design!

Philosophy of healing: “We listen to our patients and partner with them in developing a plan that works for them,” says Dr. Edwards. “We educate our patients as to their conditions and concerns and their options. We have a strong preventive approach that helps the patient to take the responsibility for their oral health.”

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