Open Discussion of Ancient Manuscripts in Stuart

Ralph Peirson, co-owner of Magical Transformations, is pleased to offer a Spiritual Metaphysical Forum each Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Chapelle de la Lumiere in Stuart. This open discussion is a guided tour through ancient manuscripts and more recent texts for the group to discuss their discoveries. Participation creates focused attention on the words and their meaning, broadens understanding, improves comprehension and sharpens memory.

The discussion is held at the Chapelle de la Lumière, or Chapel of the Light, which is intended to be symbolic. “The Chapelle represents our body, which is referred to as the temple in many texts,' says Peirson. “Within the Chapelle is the altar where, when properly prepared, we visually see and feel the ineffable light. This is illumination, the first initiation into full soul consciousness. The purpose of the physical Chapelle de la Lumière is to help individuals remove mental and emotional blockages, open them to inner awareness, and direct them in materializing the light that resides on the altar within. Once this connection is made their life changes. Soul consciousness brings a deep inner peace and understanding with feelings of confidence, power, and fearlessness.”

For more information, visit or call/text Ralph at 772-634-7065 or Sophie at 772-263-0230. 

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