Flower Essence Jewelry: A Perfect Holiday Gift

Herbs & Owls has launched the first and only line of Flower Essence Jewelry designed to support, uplift and move us on our personal journey through the healing power of plants and the power of intention.

Each Flower Essence Jewelry Set includes a one-of-a-kind Flower Essence Necklace, designed with a beautiful glass vial to hold the Flower Essence and a hand-wrapped specially selected crystal, a 1/2 oz Flower Essence blend bottle which can be taken orally or placed on pulse points, a descriptive card, and a special bag to hold and protect these treasured pieces when not being worn.

There are four Flower Essence Sets to choose from. "Expand" supports creating space for yourself while standing your ground and watching new possibilities open and unfold. "Create" helps nourish and nurture your creative Self with new ideas and inspiration. "Align" helps shift your awareness to awaken and gracefully align yourself with higher vibrations to develop deep insight and, "Move On" supports honoring your past while experiencing joy as you wistfully move toward the future with a renewed enthusiasm.

Flower Essence Jewelry is handcrafted locally by Gina Kearney, a Flower Essence Practitioner in Hobe Sound, and Debbie Kearney and is available at FlowerEssenceJewelry.com

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