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LifeSmile Health Offers Immune Support and Pain Relief for Pets

Diane Chasick of LifeSmile Health is pleased to offer Cell Defender for Pets and Plus Relief for Pets. There are currently over 78 million dogs and 85 million cats in the US. These companion animals are as susceptible as humans to ailments and issues that require detoxification and pain-relieving solutions.

Cell Defender for Pets is a natural formula that gently removes heavy metals and toxins, supporting a robust immune system and balanced pH levels. “Do your dogs or cats walk in the grass, on deck or pavement? Did you know they absorb poisons through their paws that can make them very sick? Do you want to keep your fur babies healthier this summer?” says Chasick. “With proven results and 100% natural ingredients, it’s the trusted choice for your pet’s health.”

For comfort, Plus Relief for Pets targets discomfort in muscles and joints with natural, non-narcotic relief. “Easy to use and effective, it ensures long-lasting comfort for your pet’s happiness and vitality,” shares Chasick. “Both products come in a chicken-flavored paste form that pets love.” Benefits include helping to remove heavy metals and toxins, supporting a healthy immune system, balancing pH levels, and providing non-addictive pain relief.

For more information or to order, visit
Click on the product image to watch the video and learn how the product can assist your pet’s health. 321-480-9448.