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Sikora Integrative Medicine Offers Relief for Joint, Back, and Neck Pain

Sikora Integrative Medicine offers Stem Cells and Advanced Regenerative Medicine which can offer relief for patients suffering from joint, back, and neck pain. “The human body is built to heal itself,” says Alita Sikora, MD. “If you’ve experienced an injury or other chronic condition that has left you with pain, cellular (stem cell) therapy may help repair damaged tissue in your body to restore your health and give you a pain-free life.”

Common conditions treated by Dr. Sikora include arthritis, knee degeneration, tendonitis, golf/tennis elbow (epicondylitis), shoulder pain/rotator cuff tear, back pain, muscle tear, joint pain, degenerative disc disease, herniated/ruptured discs, nerve injuries/neuropathy and ligament injuries. The therapy is also used for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging facials.

Stem cells are a special type of cells that have two important properties: they can make more cells like themselves (self-renew) and they can become other cells that do different things. Stem cells are found in most tissues of the body. And they are needed for the maintenance of tissue as well as for repair after injury. “There is nothing as natural, safe and effective as regenerative medicine/cellular therapy,” says Dr. Sikora. “We harness the power that made the body to heal the body.” 

Contact Sikora Integrative Medicine about the stem-cell special they are running throughout May at 772-228-6882. 1255 37th St, Ste B, Vero Beach.