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Smile, It's all Connected! Whole Health Through Balance

Author: Dr Claire Stagg

Look at wellness comprehensively via this transformative insiders’ guide to whole body health with Dr. Claire Stagg's highly anticipated book, "Smile, It's all Connected! Whole Health Through Balance." With her passion for knowledge, helping others and thinking outside the box, Dr. Stagg reveals the interconnectedness between oral systemic health and overall well-being in a captivating and enlightening way. This book is designed to help specifically the lay person and will benefit many generations to come.


Audience: Anyone with a mouth at any age!


Inspiration: Dr. Stagg believes that dentistry should be more than just treating teeth; she aims to revolutionize the field by breaking through traditional dogmas thereby focusing on every patient's overall well-being. Her goal is to empower patients to see connections beyond their smile and take responsibility for their own optimal health. The intention is to create a collaborative environment where professionals from different disciplines work together to address all aspects of each patient's health.


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