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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida


6375 N. Wickham Rd, Ste 101, Melbourne
321-465-7986 -

The Dripbar has IV vitamin therapies to deliver essential micronutrients throughout the body for those that are fighting an illness or chronic disease or just want to stay healthy. They have a wide variety of support drips to support their client’s unique personal health. Their health support infusions have been engineered to aid the body in that process. All IV drips are compounded on-site by registered nurses under the guidance of a licensed medical director and the DRIPBaR is a 797 compliant compounding facility.

Wellness services offered: IV Therapy, Intramuscular shots, Chelation, Lab testing: Food Inflammation, Micronutrients, and Heavy Metals. Also Infrared Sauna, Halotherapy, and Photobiomodulation (aka Red Light Therapy).

Areas of specialty: Micronutrient deficiencies, hydration, chronic fatigue, brain fog, gut health, long haul syndrome, anti-aging, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, chelation – heavy metal toxicity, and enhance sports performance.

Philosophy: The DRIPBaR philosophy is that good health begins at the cellular level. They believe that vitamin infusions are the fastest way to deliver essential nutrients throughout the body. “Feed your body, fuel your life!” is the company motto.