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Release Blockages with Quantum Sound Therapy

Feb 01, 2024 06:13PM ● By Gabi Kivi

Biophysicist Dr. Colin W. F. McClare discovered that frequencies and vibrations are much more effective in relaying information to both the brain and body than physical signals, such as hormones, neurotransmitters, and other growth factors. This may explain the positive impact healing sound frequencies have on our moods and emotions. Scientific studies have shown that emotions of anger, sadness, fear, and dread have frequencies lower than those of happiness, love, gratitude, and contentment.

Quantum Sound Therapy is an innovative technology that helps release compromised or weakened frequencies and entrains one to a new field of energy. The software algorithm analyzes over 1.5 billion bits of information in a person’s voice to pinpoint their subconscious blocks and then delivers individualized frequencies, tones, and harmonics to gently release them.

Each voice is as unique as a fingerprint. It’s affected by many things, including physical stressors, environment, diet, sleep, and especially one’s emotions and thoughts. We are often not aware of our own subconscious blocks, yet the majority of one’s life is driven by the subconscious. The advantage of using Quantum Sound Therapy is that it isn’t possible to mask or distort the frequencies in one’s voice. The personalized frequencies that a person receives during the therapy address the stuck patterns of energies and accelerate their personal growth and transformation.

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