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Card Readings by Melinda Offer Insight

Melinda has been reading cards for over 35 years, specializing in Numerology and Astrology. She reads from a regular deck of “playing” cards. Her readings help clients gain insight with life decisions. “What is revealed will help give direction for inner clarity. You will find this knowledge incredibly helpful,” she says.

Readings are recorded, which clients find useful as they pick up more information while reviewing it several times after the initial reading. Her readings focus on the future, information will be about the events that are going on now and into future. Clients can send up to 3 questions with their cards and she will look for possible answers if they are revealed.

“My readings are more of an uplifting experience. My clients enjoy their reading and feel it gives them a sense of peace and reassurance through difficult times,” shares Melinda. She believes the cards respond to clarity, they have a unique way of mirroring back the client’s thoughts and feelings.

For more information, visit the FAQ section at For questions or to schedule a reading, email [email protected] or call 321-468-3004. 
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