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New Location for Beachside Hyperbaric and Bodywork in Satellite Beach

Beachside Hyperbaric and Bodywork  has moved to Satellite Beach. “We have found a permanent home that fits our growing business,” says founder and owner, Andrew Vazquez.

Hyperbaric Therapy has been used effectively to deal with traumatic injuries including brain, spinal cord and burn injuries. “Now it is also known for helping with cancer, radiation therapy, MS, dementia, long covid and most autoimmune disorders. Most recently, it was spotlighted for anti-aging use due to its ability to boost both collagen and stem cell production,” says Vazquez. A Tel Aviv University study showed the reversal in the aging process of adult blood cells. Telomeres grew longer at a rate of 20-38% and the percentage of senescent cells (aka Zombie cells) in the overall cell population was reduced by 11-37%.

A hyperbaric session puts the body under pressure which allows the blood to carry up to 10x more oxygen than normal. The pressure creates additional blood flow to all areas of the body and is especially effective at improving blood flow to areas of dense tissue like cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

They also offer deep tissue massage, fascia release work and Graston Therapy. The instrument-assisted Graston Therapy is designed to breakdown scar tissue and fascia restrictions to potentially treat acute and chronic conditions such as: lower back muscle strain, Achilles tendinosis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Beachside Hyperbaric and Bodywork, 476 A1A, Ste 4A, Satellite Beach. 321-977-4509. (MA101240, MM44507)