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Tone the Vagus Nerve to De-stress at Harmony Neurofeedback

Harmony Neurofeedback is pleased to offer a simple training device specifically designed to help tone and regulate the vagus nerve. Stimulating the vagus nerve sends a message to the body that it's time to relax and de-stress, which leads to long-term improvements in mood, wellbeing and resilience. Increasing vagal tone can also help one overcome anxiety and depression, and better manage them when they arise.

“The vagus nerve is like the information superhighway from the gut to the brain. Gut and brain health are directly related and often need to be addressed together,” says owner and trainer, Marly Jones. “We often partner with Functional Medicine doctors to provide added support to help patients calm the fight or flight response when they are struggling with health issues and stress.”

Harmony Neurofeedback offers neurofeedback brain training along with brain health coaching. NeurOptimal is an advanced brain training system that allows the brain to self-correct and the central nervous system to self-regulate. Jones believes that the number one priority to restoring health and living in wellness is to get the brain working at its best so that health for the body will follow. Harmony Neurofeedback also offers a full line of nutritional supplements that target brain health.

Harmony Neurofeedback is located at 1300 Pinetree Dr., Ste 9, Indian Harbour Beach. For more information, call 321-405-2795, join the Facebook group or visit

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