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Beachside Hyperbaric Opens in Indialantic

Andrew Vazquez is pleased to announce the opening of Beachside Hyperbaric in Indialantic. Hyperbaric Therapy first became known for its work in helping to heal divers from the bends, and then for improved healing with traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries and burn victims. It moved into mainstream health with its use by professional athletes for daily recovery and sports injuries, as well as treating arthritis, Lyme, MS, dementia, cancer, long covid and a multitude of other acute and chronic illnesses. “It’s been proven to be effective in controlling inflammation, a common marker in almost all diseases and illnesses,” says Vazquez, founder and owner.

A hyperbaric session puts the body under pressure which allows the blood to carry more oxygen than normal, up to 10x more. The pressure creates additional blood flow to all areas of the body and is especially effective at improving blood flow to areas of dense tissue like cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

Vazquez, has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, competing as a professional beach volleyball player, operating a health and fitness club, and overseeing a hyperbaric office.

Beachside Hyperbaric also offers specialty body work including Graston treatments, deep tissue massage, and fascial release work.

Beachside Hyperbaric is located at 320 4th Ave, Ste 4, Indialantic. 321-977-4509.