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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Connected Spine

Dr. Suzanne McBride 

114 E 6th Avenue, Ste 2, Indialantic 



Life is filled with uncertainty and change is a constant. Connected Spine believes that our bodies are reflections of our minds and our life experiences. “By partnering with me to clear out the detrimental neurological blockage from your body, you free yourself to enjoy a vibrantly healthy life now,” shares Dr. McBride. 

Wellness services offered: Gentle effective chiropractic focusing on Network Spinal (as seen on the GOOP lab).

Areas of specialty: Clearing mental and emotional stress stored in the nervous system that looks like it is psychological but is rooted in the physiological. Pregnancy care, pediatric care, young adults struggling with the stress of life, and mature adults going through life transitions, such as, divorce or death of a spouse. Anxiety, depression, and pain.

Philosophy: “The shape tension and tone of your spine, equals the shape tension, and tone of your life,” says Dr. McBride. “We believe in focusing on the individuals' direct need for rapid results and find they often experience whole-person integration and healing. Connected Spine is a community of beautiful human souls that are transcending pain patterns and learning adaptive neurology and energy-based strategies to “glow with the flow” of life.”