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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Transformative Certified Coach Goes Virtual

Cornelia Gilbert has transitioned her services as Transformative Certified Coach to a virtual format. “Clients benefit from a deeper level of relaxation in the comfort of their home, when sharing parts of their journey via a platform like zoom or the phone.” says Gilbert. “I combine classical coaching with an interdisciplinary approach and intuitive energy work.” Gilbert has been supporting clients in the U.S. and Europe for over 16 years.

Her passion is to serve by providing guidance with integrated methods, strengthening self-healing mechanisms during times of spiritual crisis, anxiety, conflict, grief, or lack of joy in life. Gilbert creates a safe atmosphere for managing inner conflicts, exploring unhealthy boundaries, or unlocking self-limiting beliefs.

Gilbert has found the integration and alignment of our four bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, to be of undeniable importance for the integrated healing process. She believes that other important components for happiness include, discovering our authentic self, and therefore accessing a deeper understanding of our true power and capacity. This can be achieved through awareness, self-love, compassion, and acceptance towards every aspect of our being.

Gilbert also offers on-going groups and courses. Sign up for your free 15-minute consultation at