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MedHealers Adds Sound Therapy

Trisha Schmalhofer, LMT and founder of MedHealers, announces the addition of sound therapy to her repertoire of healing tools. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) continues to be her primary modality to help clients to connect to their inner wisdom, unwind the body, relax the mind and move the spirit. CST taps into the craniosacral rhythm which is the ebb and flow of our whole being.

“To enhance the CST experience, I can incorporate a 32” Unlimited Deep Breath Gong which makes unique sounds that penetrate and cleanse at a cellular level, as well as takes you on a journey through inner and outer space,” explains Schmalhofer. “I also use metal Tibetan bowls to add a deep prayerful temple vibe, shamanic frame drums to help push out any stagnant energies, bells to uplift the spirit into a feeling of expansion, rattles to gently shake up any stuck areas, and tuning forks to untangle and regenerate all areas of the body. CST and sound therapy together are a powerful healing experience.”

MedHealers is located at 4680 Lipscomb St. NE, Ste 8, Palm Bay. Available for retreats and group experiences at your location. Also, mobile services. 772-559-1993.