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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Enrollment Now Open for Yoga Therapy Certification via Zoom

AUM hOMe Shala, Florida’s first IAYT accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program, is now enrolling new students for 2023. This training enables compassionate, knowledgeable practitioners to expand their career opportunities and work alongside medical health care specialists.

This clinical approach is a blending of yogic wisdom of the East with complementary medicine of the West. Students will receive hands-on experience designing and delivering yoga therapy protocols, learn the basic yoga and Ayurveda perspectives on health and disease, and prepare to use yoga therapy to increase health and well-being in a wide range of settings for diverse populations.

The certification program is open to students who have completed a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour program or are health care professionals. It is offered completely on-line to students who begin the program in 2023. The certification is comprised of 905 hours of instruction and consists of two separate courses, a 401-Hour Clinical Yoga Therapy Foundational training course and a 504-Hour Clinical Practicum course. These two courses may be taken separately or simultaneously.

“Our yoga therapists-in-training study, design, and deliver yoga therapy applications for specific issues, such as chronic pain, cancer, neuro-motor degenerative disorders, and mental health, to name a few,” explains Melinda Atkins, Director. “AUM hOMe Shala graduates will have the skills and professional experience necessary to provide therapeutic yoga treatment.”

For more information, call 305-441-9441 or visit