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Integrative Holistic Healing for Women offered at Nurturing Sol Healing Arts

Heather Leah Boreske, owner of Nurturing Sol Healing Arts, is honored to be offering integrative whole body healing modalities for women in Rockledge. Boreske empowers women to live in a more sustainable way that energizes them in body, mind, and spirit. Her services include assisted lymphatic drainage, maya abdominal massage, craniosacral therapy, energy medicine, biofeedback, ionic footbaths, and detox protocols. She also offers self-care retreats as a way to support women in reconnecting with their body by teaching womb massage and preventative healthcare practices.

Over the past two decades, Boreske has expanded her knowledge of the human body, the role the mind and emotions play in physical illness, and the healing of the spirit. “All modalities complement each other and are imperative to overall health and wellbeing,” explains Boreske. Her passion is helping her clients dive deeper into their healing journey and address not only the physical body, but also the mental and emotional through different forms of bioenergetic healing. “I absolutely love supporting my clients to find their way back to true health and getting to the root cause of chronic issues so they can heal on all levels, especially those who are experiencing, or recovering from chronic illness.”

Heather Leah Boreske, BA, LMT, is located at Nurturing Sol Healing Arts, 5595 Schenck Ave., Suite 8, Rockledge. For more information, call 941-248-9127 or visit

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