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Intuitive Chi/Qi Flow Readings Available in Merritt Island

Stephanie Parker, owner of Advanced Skincare and Wellness, is offering Intuitive Chi/Qi Readings. Chi/Qi is vital universal life force energy. It flows through every living thing. “When in balance, Chi/Qi flows like a gentle wave, never changing speed or direction, never stops or hesitates, and always cycles back to flow again,” says Parker. “But when life’s stresses or bad experiences happen, those negative vibrations get stuck in our body and energy field directly affecting the flow of our Chi/Qi.”

Parker’s first Reiki experience almost 12 years ago led her to advance her knowledge, experiences, and attunements to become an Usui Reiki Master. From a young age, she was mildly aware of her empathic abilities, which Reiki then helped to fine tune. While working with clients she is able to energetically tap into the Chi/Qi flow and discern the differences in flow, meaning of the disturbances based on what side or part of the body is represented, and how to adjust the flow back into balance. “Clients are amazed with the accuracy and can instantly feel a difference in their own body’s energy flow,” says Parker.

Advanced Skincare and Wellness is located at Courthouse Square at 2425 N Courtenay Pwky, Ste1, Merritt Island. For more information, call 321-506-7005 or visit

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