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Welcome to the Women’s Wellness Guide

This month we are honored to highlight practitioners that support women’s health. The compassionate professionals among these pages assist women in creating enjoyable healthy lifestyles by addressing how to take care of ourselves – mind, body, and soul.


On the following pages you can get to know the faces behind the businesses that provide these therapies. You’ll not only find what services they provide but also what inspires them and the impact they make on their patients’ lives. 


We invite you to read, share and save this section. Follow the Women’s Wellness practitioners on social media and consider their services when you, your friends and family are seeking a health professional. We are grateful for all they do to support the women in our community! 


While both men and women can have various health issues, some affect women differently and more commonly. For example, women have higher heart attack deaths than men; and depression, anxiety and osteoarthritis are more frequent among female patients. Furthermore, women bear exclusive health concerns, such as some breast cancers, cervical cancer, pregnancy and a host of conditions surrounding menopause. 


Here we take a look at some of the natural therapies available to support optimal health and wellness. 


Anti-aging therapies include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and laser vascular renewal and laser hair removal. PRP is created from a patient’s own blood sample and is commonly used to speed healing for joint injuries as it triggers cell and tissue reproduction. This stimulation of rapid cell growth is also beneficial as a natural treatment to rejuvenate the skin. Using microneedling, PRP reduces acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Laser vascular renewal improves the overall color, tone and texture of skin, giving it a clearer, smoother and more youthful look. The procedure works well for spider veins, rosacea and other blood vessel inflammations that cause facial redness and enlarged pores. It can also remove benign moles, skin tags and visible vessels on the rest of the body. Laser hair removal permanently removes unwanted hair on the face or body after four to six treatments by selectively targeting melanin in hair follicles with bright flashes of light. The pigment absorbs the light energy and destroys the hair. View Practitioners


Coaching can support a woman’s ability to focus on self-care, positive mindset, and personal growth. Coaches often employ mindfulness techniques, energy work, journaling, goal setting, and accountability in group and/or individual settings. A coach aims to help their client with self-reflection, enhance work-life balance, and gain clarity on their life goals. Resolving stress can directly impact overall health and wellness. View Practitioner


Chiropractic care is based on the premise that proper structural alignment permits free flow of nerve activity in the body. When spinal vertebrae are out of alignment, they put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves radiating from it, potentially leading to diminished function and illness. Misalignment can be caused by physical trauma, poor posture, and stress. The chiropractor seeks to analyze and correct these misalignments through spinal manipulation or adjustment with the goal to help the body naturally heal, as well as increase functionality. View Practitioners


Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hand-on technique that uses a light touch to assist the release of the body’s connective tissue (fascia) and to examine the movement of the fluids in and around the central nervous system. Relieving tension and harmonizing with a natural rhythm in the central nervous system promotes a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity. View Practitioner


Functional Medicine seeks to find how and why an illness occurs and to restore health by addressing the root causes of disease and treating the person as opposed to treating the symptoms. A woman may seek a functional medicine practitioner for preventative care, which often begins with learning how her body is functioning through measurement of organ and system function, hormones, inflammatory markers, and vitamin levels. When an issue or imbalance is found early, disease can often be prevented by proactively addressing the imbalance through diet and lifestyle adjustments. When symptoms are already present, such as in a hormone imbalance that may be causing hot flashes, poor sleep, weight gain or fatigue, the most natural methods are used first. Functional medical practitioners always work holistically, taking into consideration the full picture of a woman’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and then tailors treatment plans to the individual in order to remove the source of illness. View Practitioners


Herbalists address the whole person by focusing on the underlying causes and restoring balance to the body using customized herbs based on a client consultation and history. Medicinal herbs, roots, barks, flowers, leaves, and fungi can be blended into specific formulations and made into teas, tinctures, oils and other herbal products to create a personal herbal therapy plan to support overall health. View Practitioner


Holistic Dentistry regards the mouth as a microcosm of the entire body. The oral structures and the whole body are seen as a unit. Holistic dentistry often incorporates such methods as ozone therapy, biocompatibility testing and nutritional counseling. Specially trained holistic dentists address TMJ, jaw pain, sleep apnea, and other breathing disorders. Most holistic dentists emphasize wellness and preventive care, while avoiding and often recommending the removal of silver-mercury fillings. View Practitioner


IV Therapy delivers a liquid saline solution containing vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream through a needle. Because it is delivered intravenously, it is more bioavailable and faster acting than a supplement that is swallowed and must travel through the digestive system. IV therapy businesses typically offer a ‘menu’ of options for hydration, energy, boosting immunity or increasing metabolism, among others, but prescription treatments can be ordered by doctors to provide relief for conditions such as allergies, depression, anxiety, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia and more. There are also combinations such as vitamin C and glutathione that offer the anti-aging benefits of lightening the skin, reducing age spots and providing a healthy glow. View Practitioner


Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, non-invasive, whole-body massage that encourages the naturaldrainage of the lymph through light pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow. Sessions are a relaxing way to release blockages and assist the natural circulation required for the elimination of metabolic waste, excess fluids, and bacteria from the body. Blockage or damage within the system may lead to conditions like edema, acne, inflammation, arthritis, and sinusitis. View practitioner 


Neurofeedback: Involves direct training of brain function. Using computer processing to capture electrical activity in the brain, an individual can reward the brain with positive feedback, changing its activity to desired, more appropriate patterns. Gradually, the brain learns and remembers how to exhibit only the good patterns. View practitioner 


Yoga can benefit individuals of every age and physical condition. The regular practice of yoga has been proved to enhance flexibility, strength, stamina, and concentration. Using a combination of asanas, or postures, and breathing techniques, yoga works to induce deep relaxation and reduce stress, tone the body and organs, increase vitality, and improve circulation and energy flow. Uplifting and meditative, yoga can be applied as a spiritual practice as well. View practitioner 

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