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Dr. Nicolai Hansen Celebrates 30 Years in Practice in Rockledge

Nicolai L. Hansen, BS, DC, is pleased to be celebrating his 30th year in practice this month. “I feel honored to be able to serve the community,” say Dr. Hanson. “I am one of only five or six Doctors of Chiropractic in Brevard County that is proficiency rated by Activator methods.” The Activator Technique uses a specialized neurologic exam to locate proprioceptive dysfunction in the spine and extremities. 

“Once dysfunction has been identified then (and only then) a hand-held device is used to impart a quick (1/1000 of a second) shallow (0.5 to 7mm) thrust to free up the dysfunctional area,” explains Dr. Hansen. “No uncomfortable positioning, twisting, or popping is required.”

In order to maintain a proficiency rating, the doctor's skill and knowledge is checked annually. “It is my mission to stay current, so I know I am offering the best care to my patients.”

Dr. Hansen is located in Rockledge and is accepting new patients. For more for information and peer reviewed research on the efficacy of the Activator Technique, visit 321-247-0445.