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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Canine and Feline Anesthesia-free Dental Clinic in Melbourne

Lee De Barriault, owner of Natural Pet Specialty Shop, announces the next Canine & Feline Anesthesia-free Dental Clinic will be held on June 10 and 11. 

A dental technician under the supervision of a veterinarian will perform this unique and cost-effective dental service. The veterinarian first does a wellness check to ensure the animal is healthy enough for the procedure. Before the procedure is started, essential oils are administered to calm and relax the pet while a technician holds the animal to reassure and soothe them. The pet’s teeth are scaled and plaque and tarter are removed before polishing them to a shine. The cleaning takes 30-45 minutes depending on the condition of the teeth. If any oral problems are discovered, such as: loose teeth, lesions, fractures, or something more serious, the patient will be referred to their own veterinarian.

“This specialized technique is gentle, thorough, and drug-free,” says De Barriault. “Anesthesia-free dental cleaning is a great tool to manage bad breath and plaque buildup and avoid early signs of periodontal disease. We also offer a selection of dental products and formulas for maintenance between dental cleanings.” 

Appointments are limited; call 321-259-3005 to secure a spot. Natural Pet Specialty Shop is located at 2255 Wickham Rd, Melbourne.