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Shamanic Classes Available at Chacana Spiritual Center

The Chacana Spiritual Center is pleased to present the Munay Ki 5-month course which is the first step in becoming a Shaman. Munay Ki is a Peruvian word that means “Love in Action” or “Energy of Love.” Many of the students that choose to experience the Ceremonial Rites of Munay Ki are not on a Shaman’s path but are interested in transforming their daily life and becoming the best version of themselves.

Munay Ki students learn to see life from a new perspective, heal wounds of the past, and enhance their spiritual gifts. “You will transform your energy field enabling a new body that ages, heals and dies differently,” says instructor and Peruvian trained Shaman, Shannon Davis. “The class is for all walks of life from energetic healers and nurses to cashiers and mechanics.” The course is held monthly for a day of ceremony, healing and exploring the 9 ceremonial rites of Munay Ki.

Visitors to the Chacana Spiritual Center will find crystals, smudge, jewelry, reiki and shamanic tools in the gift shop. The school offers adult and children’s classes covering topics such as sound bowls, art, anxiety, grief, shadow work, Tarot, oracle, and spiritual mentorship, as well as bi-weekly evening Munay Ki classes. They also hold free community events such as moon ceremonies, Despacho ceremonies, and men’s and women’s groups.

The Chacana Center 2299-B Sarno Rd., Melbourne. For more information, call 321-610-1698 or visit



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