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Balance Hormones and Boost the Immune System using Assisted Lymphatic Therapy

May 01, 2022 05:41PM ● By Heather Leah

Assisted Lymphatic Therapy (ALT) uses inert gas ionization to move lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Not only is ALT highly beneficial for the lymphatic system, it also helps the body heal.


ALT uses three different types of gases. Xenon, Argon, and Krypton and releases small amounts of ozone. Xenon is of particular interest regarding women’s health as this gas assists by removing xenoestrogens from the body. 

Xenoestrogens are estrogen mimicking compounds which are not produced by the body. They increase the amount of estrogen present and contribute to a state of hormone dominance, causing rapid cell multiplication in the breast tissue. When extra estrogen circulates within the body for a long period of time, with levels not in the proper ratio with the rest of the endocrine system, it can increase the risk of disease. Xenoestrogens are stored in our fat cells and can lead to a handful of conditions such as: breast, endometrial, prostate and testicular cancer, fibroids, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, obesity, infertility, endometriosis, early onset puberty, miscarriages, diabetes and more.


Xenon is also an anesthetic agent, which causes a relaxed, sedative sensation for the client. The client leaves the ALT session feeling more relaxed and calmer both physically and emotionally.


ALT also helps boost the immune system, making this a preventative modality that aids those who are recovering from chronic illness and breast cancer. ALT increases the production of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, helping to reinforce the immune response to B cells that produce antibodies and the T cells which destroy invading toxins and pathogens. ALT accelerates contact with pathogens and toxins by clearing areas of congestion in the lymphatic system. Manual lymph drainage is only able to clear the surface layers of the lymphatic system, while ALT is able to penetrate the deepest layers, allowing for greater decongestion. If there is little to no congestion along the lymphatic pathways, the lymphocytes travel quickly to the area and are more effective at fighting off the pathogen or filtering the toxin.


ALT also increases the body’s regeneration and oxygenation of cells. Regeneration is the natural process of replacing, or restoring damaged, or missing cells, tissues, and organs. The body’s ability to regenerate cells is paramount to maintaining health from the cellular level to overall organ, gland, and system function.


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