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God Encounters Are Real

Author, Laverne Moore-Slaughter


LaVerne Moore-Slaughter has authored this easy-to-relate-to book of compilations detailing her personal encounters with God and how the gift of what some might call a sixth sense has brought her closer to her God. Each experience shows how, through an acceptance of the unseen, Moore’s life has been guided and directed to find inner peace; and how messages are often given to her to help guide others.


Audience: Skeptics, believers, non-believers and the curious.


Inspiration: “I wanted the world to know having a connection with a higher power is real,” shares Moore. “I realized when I was feeling strange about someone, I needed to pay attention to my feelings. Each time I told a person what I was feeling they would say, "where did that come from?" I would tell them I cannot explain it, it's God's business not mine.”


Where to buy: (available in paperback and Kindle edition) and