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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

The Cloudwalker Place

John M. Walcott, AS, BA, MMQ Adept
772-453-6449 -

The Cloudwalker Place serves the Treasure Coast offering a variety of classes and healing services virtually and in-person in Vero Beach. Many classes are held in the great outdoors embracing the healing effects of nature. Through qigong and tai chi, students learn to efficiently focus the mind and easily relax the body as a whole.

John Walcott, Master of Medical Qigong, founder of The Cloudwalker Place and The Vero Beach Qigong Society, is proud that their certified instructors have been selected by internationally renowned grounding and energy medicine specialist, Amelia Vogler, to do the qigong phase of her next world seminar, Grounding the Hara.

Wellness services offered: Medical Qigong Therapy, acupressure, shiatsu, reiki, qigong healing, and discreet distance healing services. In-person qigong and qigong-Tai chi blend classes, daily live zoom videos, and subscription-based online videos.

Areas of specialty: Anxiety Disorder, P.T.S.D., immune system deficiencies. C.O.P.D., Parkinsonism, multi-chemical sensitivity, panic attacks and more.

Philosophy: “We believe the individual is responsible for recreating their own health and wellbeing. We support your journey with self-applied, health-enhancing therapies that are especially helpful for anyone resistant to conventional medical therapy,” says Walcott.

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