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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Stuart Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center

Leon Gonyo, DC, FIAMA
6094 SE Federal Highway, Stuart
772-781-0193 –

Dr. Leon Gonyo knows first-hand the challenges with pain due to a work-related injury. As a result of a six-foot, head-first fall he experienced compressed, herniated discs and lost 50% of his upper body strength. To avoid risky disc fusion surgery, he turned to chiropractic. An examination and x-rays revealed pinched nerves (subluxations). The first adjustment greatly diminished his pain and after a few weeks he no longer needed medication. This experience stirred a passion that led him to a career change.


Dr. Gonyo’s practice is focused on accidents and injuries. He’s well established with like-minded physicians, including neurologists, orthopedists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and licensed massage therapists. He is also board-certified in medical acupuncture.


Wellness Services Offered: Spinal Decompression, Class IV Laser, Medical Acupuncture, Interferential Therapy, Traditional and Instrument Chiropractic Adjusting, Covid Fatigue Relief. 


Areas Of Specialty: Traumatic Injury, Advanced Spinal Degeneration, Neuropathy, Headaches/Migraines, Anxiety, Covid Fatigue, and many other debilitating conditions.


Philosophy: “As a Chiropractor, I am dedicated to providing hope, relief and renewed health to others who, just like me, are experiencing unnecessary pain and are in need of corrective spinal care,” says Dr. Gonyo.