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Eating With V

Veronica Kolibab, Certified Integrative and Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Belief
Clearing Practitioner
772-284-1451 -

Veronica Kolibab is passionate about helping people easily and deliciously navigate gluten-, dairy-, sugar- and grain-free diets. She has over a decade of experience helping others with healthy eating. Her show, Eating with V, can be seen on her website and features integrative health experts including weight coaches, fitness trainers, plant-based specialists and more. The show explores healthy eating through conversation and cooking demonstrations.

Kolibab also offers a Food Labels 101 training series to help her clients detect many of the ingredients hiding in plain sight and locate hidden sugars.

Wellness services offered: Online cooking show: Eating With V, in-person and online classes, healthy toxin-reducing foods for purchase. Recipes and meal ideas on her Facebook page.

Areas of specialty: Candida diets, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and grain-free diets.

Philosophy: “Each person is uniquely different with individual needs for optimal health,” says Kolibab. “Wellness and illness both begin with the foods we eat, but total health goes beyond just the foods on our plate. It’s how we eat, how we think about food and our body, and several other lifestyle factors beyond food. This is the foundation of integrative nutrition.”
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