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Lee Cotton Nutrition

705 SE 5th Street, Stuart

561-307-0706 -

Lee Cotton, RDN, offers services in nutritional counseling. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has a “non-diet approach” to eating and is a foodie by heart. Cotton believes in a mind-body approach to wellness and eating foods that are best for individual health. Not a fan of diets, she utilizes evidence-based nutrition and honors the body’s internal cues. The approach Cotton wants for her clients to have is a “way of life” eating pattern that is best suited for their own personal needs.

Wellness services offered: Dietitian

Areas of specialty: Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, Medical Nutritional Therapy, Family Nutritional Counseling.

Philosophy: Cotton believes in taking realistic approach to nutrition and in creating a safe space for clients to be able to discuss their needs without judgment and to cultivate a healthy body image and nurture body acceptance. “From sharing a client’s goals and vision for their health, to assessing their current food struggles and to create plans of actions that are realistic… that is my passion,” says Cotton. “I believe in supporting my clients and educating them to reconnect with their body’s needs.”


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