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Cancer Care Centers of Brevard Clinical Trials are Up and Running

Cancer Care Centers of Brevard are conducting four different types of cancer clinical trials: treatment trials, prevention trials, screening trials, and quality of life trials.

Treatment trials test new drugs, medical procedures, or combinations of treatments. The prevention trials look for better ways to prevent diseases by either doing something (called action studies) like making lifestyle changes, or taking something (called agent studies) such as medicines, vitamins, or minerals. Screening trials look for new ways to test for the presence of a disease or health condition early, when it may be more easily treated. And quality of life trials explore ways to improve comfort and quality of life for cancer patients.

Those who do decide to participate can experience benefits, which may include: access to a cancer treatment that isn’t yet publicly available, free or low-cost treatment for the duration of the study, contributing to cancer research that may provide life-saving treatment to future cancer patients, a more active role in your own healthcare, and close monitoring from some of the best cancer doctors.

For details about participating the active trials at Cancer Care Centers of Brevard, visit



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