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Yoga is a Satisfying Journey

Sep 02, 2021 02:04PM ● By Kris Urquhart
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

“Look, I can almost reach my toes!” I was showing my husband, Jim, how my flexibility had improved since reviving a regular yoga practice as part of my day. I’ve always felt drawn to yoga, but life’s distractions continually pulled me in other directions. Over the last few months, I have finally incorporated yoga into my life on an almost daily basis and can already feel the benefits. 


“While yoga allows your body to become flexible, it also helps clear your mind as you begin to let go of thoughts and things you need to do later,” says Marilyn Hallock in Surprising Benefits of Yoga in Everyday Life [page 30]. I’ve noticed that taking a yoga break can help eliminate the built-up stress, as well as reboot my mind for better focus. I am also noticing improved posture, increased energy and even more flexibility in all aspects of life. The incremental improvements I feel are not only satisfying, but also make this a fun journey.


For those living with the lasting impact of a traumatic event, soothing poses can calm the nervous system. A promising branch of yoga, trauma-informed yoga, is designed to quell the body’s programmed “fight-or-flight” responses in Yoga to Heal Trauma: Soothing Poses Calm the Nervous System [page 28]. “The breath will naturally ease anxiety and stress, while also strengthening the lung capacity.” says yoga instructor Cassie Camp.


This month, we wrap-up our series exploring the complex topic of medical marijuana. We take a look at terpenes and how they influence the effect of particular marijuana strains in Exploring Medical Marijuana: The Terpene Influence. [page 22]. You can hear more from our experts on our Natural Inspirations Podcast at and on Apple, Google and Spotify podcast players.


In this issue, enjoy our feature article, Art’s Embrace: Healing Through Creativity. It examines the powerful force that art can be for healing. Explore how the body-mind connection works to help in conquering chronic pain in Conquering Chronic Pain: How the Body-Mind Connection Works [page 20]. And consider the physical and emotional benefits of equine therapy in Horses as Healers: Equine Therapy has Physical and Emotional Benefits [page 26]. I hope you find inspiration in these pages for a more stress-free and healthy life.


Here’s to being flexible!



Kris Urquhart, Publisher